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SMART Squad - Conscious People Connecting

SMART Squad Conscious People Connecting

Conscious People Connecting

About this Event

Are you looking for a new way to connect with like-minded business people
and to discover new ways of doing business that deliver better results?

What we offer
SMART Minds is a fresh approach to collaboration and networking – offering online and live events to connect team leaders of mid to large-sized companies with like-minded people in similar roles.

Our events are designed to facilitate intuitive, Purposeful conversations.
Our first event topic is Building Genuine Employee Engagement

Our expert speaker Anne McKeown

Anne McKeown is a highly regarded Master Coach who empowers people to turbo-charge the results in their business & life, so they can enjoy more success every day. Many want this…. but most don’t know how to achieve it.

Based on her own experience, Anne has created a step-by-step proven ‘Process for Success’ that empowers others to take control by shifting the psychological barriers that hold them back from greatness.

Anne incorporates NLP techniques because she knows it’s not enough to tell people what to change - it’s essential to show them HOW to change.

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