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Morning Yoga for Entrepreneurs

Morning Yoga for Entrepreneurs

Morning Yoga for Entrepreneurs

About this Event

Being an entrepreneur, it's essential for us to adapt and to make the best out of uncertainty and change, fast. Rising above uncertainty and change has become even more critical as we move into this new world signifiantly changed by COVID-19.

How can we stay on top of our games when working hard alone can no longer get us where we want to be? The answer is to bring ourselves more connected within, so we are able to tap into the creativity, resilience, strength that deeply within us.

Yoga is much more than a form of physical exercise, it is an ancient philosophy and way of living passed down by generations. A short practice of yoga is a great way to start our day. Please tune in next Thursday morning 6.30am for a yoga session specifically designed for entreprenures. Hope to see you there. Sat Nam.

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