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5 day/15 min Mantra Meditation workshop: de-stress & boost immunity

Mantra chanting is meditation with intention. If we don’t have a vision or intention in life then we are just going in circles.

Mantra chanting is meditation with intention. If we don’t have a vision or intention in life then we are just going in circles.

About this Event

5 day/15 min mantra chanting workshop (from 27/07 - 31/07) is specifically designed for busy & stressed minds to recharge and feel refreshed.

Meditation is like food. Different types of food will do different things to the body. Similarly different kinds of meditation will do different things to your brain and nervous system. Chanting is an amazing form of meditation that uses the combination of mantra, sound, breath & rhythm to:

1.Balance the flow of energy, align the body chakras to reduce stress and tension in the body & calm the restless mind.

2. Brain sends out certain fluids to transmit messages, vibrations from chanting mantra activates these fluids in positive ways. The sound vibration helps to release serotonin & dopamine which are known as the “happy hormones”, thereby improving the immunity, productivity, success and positivity in you.

Repeating the mantra brings one into deep meditation and allows the mind to enter into a different state from where it is easier to focus on the area of your life that you want to improve.

Life is a journey which has a beginning and an end. As we go through this journey, a lot of changes take place in life. Our body changes, our emotions & feelings change with time, we change friends, people around us change …..yet amidst all these changes we are searching for everlasting happiness, satisfaction and peace of mind.

Mantra meditation helps us to experience our non-material identity which is beyond any changes. Just like gems & minerals are not available on the surface of the earth, in order to access then we need to dig deep. Similarly, mantra is a tool that enables us to dig deep within and establish a relationship to a reality which is changeless.

By the end of the 5th day:

1. You will have more energy to do things and a clear mind with improved focus & concentration.

2. Reduced levels of stress & anxiety

3. Higher state of consciousness that will radiate through your skin

4. Access to an easy mediation practice to get a grip on your life and a high beam vision to see where you are heading in life.

Facilitated by Bhakti

Bhakti is French and has been practicing yoga & meditation since 2004. She studied in Wales (UK) for 3 years where she graduated with BA Tourism management and languages. She has lived in Spain, New Zealand and then migrated to Australia in 2009. She is a yoga & meditation teacher, vegan chef, a keen traveler (has traveled around the world) and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences to help others have a positive, meaningful life.

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