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Edwina presents

Family Constellations- Introduction evening

FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS - Introduction evening, generational and ancestral healing

FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS - Introduction evening, generational and ancestral healing

About this Event

Curious about

- family constellations,

- patterns that seem to repeat in your family

- feeling that you have that don't make sense

- how to improve relationships with family

As a child when we get born into a family we don’t have a mind to discern, we don’t have reason to understand, we cannot interpret events


Often feeling and taking on what is not really ours to take on...

Family Constellation is an amazing process for unlocking hidden dynamics and entanglements in our relationships with ourselves, family and other people.

These can show up in unconscious ways and can affect

- relationships with your partner, spouse, or other intimate relationships

- relationships with your parents and relatives

- relationships with your children,

- work relationships and performance,

- confidence and self esteem

- success, wealth,

- happiness

- health.

Maybe events of the past are unconsciously playing out in your life now.

Did you know?

When your grandmother was five months pregnant with your mother, the precursor cell of the egg you developed from was already present in your mother's ovaries.

That means before you were even born, your mother, your grandmother, and the earliest traces of you were all in the same body - three generations sharing the same biological environment.

Your inception can be similarly traced in your paternal line. The precursor cells of the sperm you developed from were present in your father when he was a fetus in his mothers womb. Your father's sperm continue to multiple when he reaches puberty, where as your mother was born with her lifetime supply of eggs.

With that we can begin to map out how the biological residue of traumas your grandmother experienced can be passed down, with far-reaching consequences.

With this in mind imagine this scenario: A month before your mother is born, your grandmother receives the devastating new that her husband has been killed in an accident. With a new baby to prepare for, and little space to grieve the loss, your grandmother would likely submerge her emotions into the body she now shared with her daughter and grandchild. You and your mother would know something about that grief from a deep place inside you, a place all three of you share...

Come along to our introduction to Family Constellations to find out how we can change the way our relationships play out in our lives.

I look forward to seeing you there

$35 booking essential as spaces are limited To book:

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