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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

STUDENTS & PARENTS (FREE): Motivation & Study Skills for Year 3 to HSC

Learn a simple 4-step system to academic success and the 3 steps to having a self-motivated child. No more nagging!

Learn a simple 4-step system to academic success and the 3 steps to having a self-motivated child. No more nagging!

About this Event

See how students are going from 40% to 80% in just 2 months

Do your children…

  • Lack motivation for study and spend too much time on technology?
  • Study but get frustrated that it is not sinking in and give up
  • Study but freeze in exam situations and don’t perform at their best?
  • Have their buttons easily pushed and lack self-confidence?

If you said yes to at least one of the above then your child is probably not enjoying school and causing tension at home.

In this online Motivation & Study Skills seminar you will learn…

  1. A 4-step system to guaranteed academic success
  2. Study smarter techniques to learn more in less time
  3. A 3-step exam game plan for zero stress - no more silly mistakes
  4. The major roadblock to following this simple plan

Having trouble convincing your child to watch this with you? 99% of students who have attended my seminars, actually thank their parents at the end. If you are in the 1% contact me and I will personally apologise with a chupa chup :)

Why listen to me?

After 17 years as a qualified high school teacher and 19 years of tutoring and coaching, I am also the author of Teenage Zen - a simple path to academic success and inner peace.

Articles about my motivation and study skills seminars have been featured in the following publications.

Inner West Courier

Hawkesbury Gazette

Exploring Teens

Here are what a couple of people had to say….

“John completely transformed my son’s confidence. He went from 46% in his HSC trial before starting with John to 89% in his HSC exam just 2 months later. Highly recommended.” - Jane Paech (parent)

“Before going to the seminar and then tutoring, I used to stress way too much about my results and felt overwhelmed. Since then, I have become calm and have a process I trust and got into the course I wanted at Uni” - Emma S (student)

The turning point in your child's education is an online seminar away.

John George

"Love who you are and do a job you love"

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