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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Unaided Communication with Dr Jane Remington-Gurney

Often overlooked, this course is about the communication methods we use with only our body and no add-ons.

Often overlooked, this course is about the communication methods we use with only our body and no add-ons.

About this Event

We've had such a popular response to the first introduction to alternative communication that we're rolling out an introduction to all of the courses offered by the amazing Dr Jane Remington-Gurney!

For this event we will bring you Course 2. Unaided Communication.

Often overlooked, this course is about the communication methods we use with only our body and no add-ons. The course also includes two resources that you be useful to you in future courses and in your everyday work.

Dr Jane Remington-Gurney

Dr Jane Remington-Gurney is a speech language pathologist with a special interest in communication partner training, and the invaluable role a communication partner plays in the life of someone with a significant communication impairment.

In the past Dr Jane has provided face to face workshop training to deliver information about non-speech communication methods, tools and techniques that we use to help to make communication and especially conversation, less elusive for people who have little or no speech. But not everyone can get funding or time to attend workshops. It is rare for workshop participants to remember everything they learn especially after a few hours of sitting watching slides and reading handouts. So, now Dr Jane has designed a training package for people who want to become better communication partners.

The package has five courses that not only articulate together but they are full of referenced information, audio visual material, tips, activities, and resources. As a participant there is no rush and no examinations. The package is all self-paced and online.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Family and friends of people with communication impairments
  • Support workers
  • Allied health professionals
  • Community members
  • Users of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

My Provider Directory proudly supports the work that Dr Jane Remington-Gurney is doing and is providing the support needed for hosting online events to be able to present a guided tour of each course for you each month. By January 1st, all five courses will have been presented to you and you will have your own copy of the courses and all the content material to keep.

But that’s not all! The courses focus on the communication strategies that communication partners use – and, starting in September, Dr Jane will be presenting on My Provider Directory's Facebook Page ‘Communication Strategy of the Week’. This will only take a minute of your time to watch and is sure to be useful to anyone with the role of a communication partner for someone with a communication impairment. That means... a family member, a friend, support worker, allied health practitioner...just about anyone.

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