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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Family Constellations workshop Sydney online

Experience profound healing, receive insights, shift perspectives on your family & yourself, let go of the past, making you free to choose.

Experience profound healing, receive insights, shift perspectives on your family & yourself, let go of the past, making you free to choose.

About this Event

Are you ready to shift something in your life that has been quite persistent? Try a Constellation to delve deep into the underlying reason and discover what wants to be seen and resolve.

This evening workshop offers you an experience of this powerful and transformative way of working with your family lineage. We will all participate in the constellation either by witnessing, holding space or by being part of it.

Where is the flow of love blocked in your life? Is it with your parents, one of your siblings, your children or your work? Past trauma's may have closed your heart, even trauma's that occurred a few generations ago and that you are not aware of, could be still influencing you.

By doing a Constellation we look at the greater picture of family dynamics including the previous generations. We can discover that we carry burdens out of love for our parents, our grandparents or our great-grandparents.

Only when we become aware of these invisible family dynamics and acknowledge them we are able to heal and let go of the past, making us free to make our own choices.

There can be many reasons for doing a Family Constellation. You may be carrying a burden for someone else in your family without knowing it, causing you emotional issues or keeping you stuck. Or maybe you keep repeating the same patterns as those before you? Do you have a persistent physical issue? Are you looking for guidance in your life?

Family Constellations offer a holistic view on why certain issues within families keep persisting even when we think we are aware of what might have caused it.

By having your family members represented by other people the invisible patterns and entanglements become visible to be healed.

What you can gain from this workshop is:

- more understanding, clarity and compassion in relationships

- insight in your hidden family dynamics

- a sense of balance & harmony

- feeling free from invisible burdens

- restoring the flow of love

- receiving healing on a soul level

- feeling supported by your ancestors

- changes in your relationships, work, health, wealth and life

This powerful and deeply transformative work heals on a soul level and can create a positive ripple effect in your whole life.

Participating in a constellation will offer insights,healing and glimpses of the mystery of life.

Date: 22nd October, 7:00 - 9:00pm Sydney time


Have your own Constellation: $120

Participants: $15

After you have booked you will receive the Zoom link for the workshop.

Contact me if you like your own constellation.


"The Online Family Constellation really shed light onto my internal world. Now I really feel blissful and at peace with my emotions. Paulien is extremely professional and provided a non-judgemental safe space for me to release. I felt deeply supported by all of the participants. I also really enjoyed the mini heart constellation at the beginning. Thank you so much for this experience, I am extremely grateful!"


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