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Jayur presents

Sound healing and meditation online

Sound healing and meditation with Himalayan Singing bowls

Sound healing and meditation with Himalayan Singing bowls

About this Event

Sound healing with Himalayan Singing bowls - Online

Join us in a deeply immersive meditation where you will bathe in the healing tones of Himalayan Singing Bowls.

Allow the yourself to fall into a deep relaxation and meditate as the sound and vibrations resonate through the air and touch your body and soul. We have selected our bowls from the depths of Nepal to create a unique experience, instantly transporting us to a time and place, bringing forth memories and emotions and a change in our state of mind and mood.

Therapeutic sound can by-pass the mind, giving you a deep relaxation and has the power to instantly shift, move and transform our energy within. It can restore us back to our natural resonance, bring balance, harmony, deep relaxation and inner peace. Whilst also lifting us into new perspectives and allowing us to connect deep within our true selves.

When you accompany this with guided meditation and positive intention, great transformation, healing and deep inner stillness and peace can occur.

Your host Joshika Akhil has trained under Masters of sound healing and renowned yogis in India and Nepal. She is an intuitive healer with many years of experience as a meditation instructor, her gifts have taken her all over the world to teach, run retreats and workshops. She focuses on self healing through your chakras and will integrate this into the session.


London: 09:00am

Mumbai: 1:30pm

Sydney: 7:00pm

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