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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

The Boardroom School Series 3

Margot Foster AM is delighted to present her signature program The Boardroom School.

Series 3 commences on 22 October at 5.45pm (Melbourne time) and then on the following seven Thursdays.

Series 2 has just begun and was oversubscribed; hence the scheduling of this third series to finish by mid December.

The first session on 22 October will run for 2 hours and will include Welcome Drinks and the 25 Question Quiz. The following 7 sessions will each be 75 minutes' long.

This program is for you if you are 

  • Directors, consultants and executives who want to become Non-Executive Directors
  • Current directors who wish to review their competence and improve their knowledge and awareness
  • Chairs who wish to improve the performance of their board
  • Chairs and CEOs who manage new directors' induction
  • Senior Managers who aspire to become directors
  • Governance professionals who wish to extend their knowledge and maintain awareness.

This online series will help you to

  • Understand your roles and responsibilities as a director
  • Formulate and work to the organisation's vision, mission and values
  • Focus on strategy and big picture thinking
  • Be cognisant of your relationships with, and delegations to, the CEO and management
  • Relationships with and duties towards stakeholders
  • Understand best practice in the making of decisions 
  • Appreciate the importance of well run and managed board meetings
  • Attend any board meeting with confidence in knowing what your role is and what is expected of you

The series will include

  • Lots of conversation and story-telling because that's the best way to learn
  • Role-play topics where information learned is applied
  • A range of articles as a valuable resource

After the Welcome Drinks for Series 2 the participants' comments have been

Awesome. Loved it. Pumped for the rest.

Thank you everyone, I feel humbled to be learning with you all and from Margot over the next 2 months! 

Lovely to meet you all. I must say I’m in awe of you all and your many achievements. I look forward to sharing this journey of growth, learning and guidance with you all.

Hi everyone, echoing all your comments that it was wonderful to meet you all and am very much looking forward to the rest, and to learning from all the incredible experience you have. Thanks Margot for developing this experience and learning for us all. 

What Series 1 participants said

The Board Room School is an incredible opportunity to connect with other governance conscientious individuals in an intimate learning setting led by a seasoned expert. The teaching style Margot employs encourages thorough and thoughtful conversations about topics, one-week at-a-time. The pace allows for the topic, readings, session conversations, and your own experience to integrate and 'upgrade' to reflect better governance expectations.

I loved the course! Thank you so much for offering it and for making me feel so welcome. Being a young member of the group these sorts of courses can be quite intimidating, but you have made it some much fun and informative! I highly recommend this course to anyone!

And from a participant from Switzerland at the end of Series 1 Thank you very much for the boardroom school course, it was very interesting and the resources will be great to keep. I missed not joining the group this Tuesday morning!

Margot Foster AM has over 35 years of experience as a director on and as an adviser to boards.

She knows that being talked at in governance training sessions does not work.

Margot has served on boards from the local to the international levels, in both the government and private sectors.

She knows what it takes to be an effective director and will help you be the most effective director you can be, too.

Margot's cv can be found at

She looks forward to seeing you so please head to the booking link and reserve your special spot for this wonderful series commencing soon.


$945 AUD + BF

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