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Stress-busting, Relaxing, Restorative Midweek Qigong

Event is held on Zoom. Connection details will be emailed.

Join me, Sarah Divine - Senior White Tiger Qigong instructor -, for this 5-week Qigong series to discover the Hidden Well Spring of Power in your Body with WHITE TIGER QIGONG - a powerful and effective meditative movement & exercise system used to cultivate inner peace and vitality, and promote healing and wellness. I love this Qigong with a passion, and it has become my way of life.I am deeply committed to sharing these practices so others can also benefit from exploring movement, inner alchemy and breathing techniques for healing, transformation, increasing energy reserves, and deep relaxation and stress reduction. Beginners and those with experience alike will find inspiration and benefit, and movements can be modified to suit different levels of ability.

During this course you will:

Learn gentle movements to open up energy channels (Meridians) in the body.

Experience the art of Inner Listening, tuning in to your own innate intuition and wisdom.

Utilise the power of your breath to improve your relaxation response.

Improve circulation, digestion, elimination, sleep cycles, concentration & emotional balance.

Discover ways to reduce stress, anxiety, body tension & pain.

Learn about ‘Pulsing’, and how to combine this with intention, to send Qi to different parts of the body.

Become familiar with Qigong meditations which help to sharpen your focus, harness your intention spirit, and assist the flow of Qi in the body.

Feel the power of harmonising body movement & posture with breath and spirit.

Enhance your sense of energy and well-being.

Qigong offers practical exercises that hold the capacity to heal old injuries, release emotional trauma, restore vital energy, and rejuvenate your spirit. Qigong is also a powerful exercise for preventative health care from illness and disease states. White Tiger Qigong combines ancient practices with modern sports science for optimal effect. Dynamic exercises are coupled with rhythmic, deep breathing, and harnessed intention of mind focus and spirit.

If you are unable to attend on the day, the session will be recorded and available via private link until the following session (effectively for 7 days), so you can catch up. 


$75 AUD + BF

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