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Maven Change Masterclass Series - November Tribe (Evening Sessions AWST)

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More than ever before change and transformation management is instrumental in the implementation and adoption of change. And now, more than ever organisations are looking for people who understand the importance of change management and the ability to deliver change within complex evolving environments.

The Maven Change team have developed a masterclass series covering six key areas that everyone working in change, and with change, must understand:

1. Scoping the Change

This Masterclass will help you analyse and scope the change. Enabling the change story to be defined, to make it clear to those impacted by the change, stakeholders and sponsors what is changing and gain the commitment, budget and resources to be successful. It will teach you how to make recommendations for the implementation approach and to develop the associated budget and resource model that you’ll require.

2. Designing the Change

This Masterclass covers how to frame up the change by defining the problem statement and the goal by using the essentials of human centered design. You will learn how empathy maps and journey maps are powerful change tools that engage and enlighten both you, employees and customers about the change. As well as how your change analysis forms your key messages and communications cadence as well enhances your change program.


Many organisations are moving to business agility frameworks, often referred to as New Ways of Working (NWOW). And many of these organisations do not know how change works within NWOW. At Maven Change we have been working in these ways for well over a decade and prefer to call this Change Ways of Working (CWOW). 

This Masterclass will ensure that you understand your role as a change enabler in NWOW and CWOW and how your valuable change activity fits into NWOW and CWOW. It will also teach you how the NWOW basics, learn the terms and the purpose of each ceremony, how to lead and add value in ceremonies, helping to grow your confidence in leading change in this way of working.

4. Designing Change Experiments

Some would say this is when the fun really begins! The change approach is defined, everyone understands the change and now you can explore and test out the hypotheticals you defined in your change plan.

This Masterclass will enhance your understanding of experiments and the various types of experiments, sharing the key considerations when designing & conducting experiments. As well as share how to use experiments in your change program, to solidify your change approach. 

We share how various lean change experimentation models and you will learn about customer validation, customer and business traction metrics and how this can influence the change outcomes to deliver the anticipated benefits.

5. Business Readiness & Scaling the Change

Are you ready? Now is the time to ensure you are ready. Is everything in place to transition the business to the new state? Do you have mechanisms in place to learn and adapt as you go? What is your roll back if it all goes wrong?

This Masterclass covers the importance of business readiness and how it enables the change to scale. We cover the difference between business readiness and change readiness as well as tools and activities required to get ready for go live, post go live and business transition. It will also cover enterprise tools that will enable the change to scale, heat maps, dependency maps, reporting, dashboards and more.

6. Retrospectives for Personal Growth & Enhancing your Practice

This Masterclass will help you to gain maximum insights into how your change activities were received, any gaps and suggestions for next time. Additionally, how your own personal effectiveness impacted the change adoption. So, it will teach you about the value of personal retrospectives and how they contribute to your personal growth as well as how to use the Maven Change Mindset, skillset, toolset personal development planner to evolve your skills and those within your change practice. 

We’ll teach you the Mindset, Skillset and Toolset™ that you need to ensure that your change skills are still relevant and adding value in continuous innovation and adaptive environments.

All sessions are virtual and designed to maximise learning combining lots of conversations, collaboration, discussion and hands on following a scenario. Book into all six sessions and receive a 20% discount using code: SERIES20%


$627 AUD

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