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Founders' Stories: Claus von Hessberg, Skedgo / Streamlining Schedules for

Connect with us virtually in our popular midday Speaker Series!

Connect with us virtually in our popular midday Speaker Series!

About this Event

A few decades ago Claus von Hessberg earned his keep creating awe inspiring street art in Europe’s great cities. Now, he leads an international team creating MaaS solutions for governments and industries across the globe.

Claus von Hessberg is a serial entrepreneur with a global story to tell. Prior to SkedGo, Claus successfully founded, grew and sold B2B ventures in the events and media sector. He also moonlighted as an aerobatic flight pilot, scuba diver and global explorer with tales that would make ‘Indiana Jones’ blush. With a passport bursting at the seams it’s a little wonder that he’s now leading the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) field, tackling the idea that access to transport is access to life.

Tune in to hear about Claus grew his MaaS scaleup, SkedGo, from a home office in Sydney to operations now in Argentina, Vietnam, USA and Germany. How is SkedGo managing the decline in transportation use during COVID? Why has Claus always taken an entrepreneur’s route in life? And just what does soccer have to do with it all?


Claus von Hessberg started SkedGo in 2009 to address social and environmental challenges, with a focus on Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) and transportation. He was nominated as one of the top MaaS influencers by industry publication BMaaS and HERE Mobility.

Born and raised in Germany, Claus travelled extensively before settling in Sydney, Australia.

Prior to SkedGo, Claus started, grew, merged and sold B2B ventures in Film & TV, Exhibitions & Events, Marketing and Staging.


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