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Introduction to Beekeeping

This is an online comprehensive Introduction to Beekeeping course.

This is an online comprehensive Introduction to Beekeeping course.

About this Event

We will cover the following topics over this course:

Beekeeping history

Fun bee facts

Honey flora - the importance to bees

Why keep bees

Basic beekeeping terminology

Legislation - locating the hive

How to get bees

Set up costs

Housing your bees

Hive components

Timber vs plastic

Second hand equipment

Honeybees: castes, lifecycles, re-queening

Worker bees duties

Queen bee duties

Drone bee duties

Collecting the pollen, resin and nectar

Importance of water

Reproductive cycle


Catching a swarm

Making honey

Harvesting honey

Other hive products

Harvesting wax

Uses for beeswax

Bee health

Pests & diseases

Honey Bee races

PPE clothing

Smoker and tools Decisions/Decisions - some guidance

Re-locating a hive

Hive management

Spring tasks

Summer tasks

Autumn tasks

Wintering down

Splitting a hive

Requeening a hive

Feeding your bees

Bee stings

Native bees & other pollinators

There will be ample time to ask questions and get your answers during this course. The online session will be recorded and made available to participants for later review and replay.

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