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Change Tools - Masterclass with Lynne Cazaly

  • Fri 12th Feb 2021, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Leading change requires clever, creative and adaptive tools. Use these 10 change tools to ENGAGE, LEAD and IMPACT change and transformation

Leading change requires clever, creative and adaptive tools. Use these 10 change tools to ENGAGE, LEAD and IMPACT change and transformation

About this Event

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Change and transformation can be hard.

It's almost always a complex process with many moving parts... and people.

Resistance is common.

Misunderstandings frequent.

Change Weary

People are change fatigued, weary (and wary) of yet another change to how things work at work.

And saying that 'change is a constant' doesn't get people buying in to change any quicker or easier!

The Challenge of Engagement

It can be hard to engage and inspire people on the topic of change, why it's happening and what their role in it is.

Many messages associated with change don't get through. Information and communication doesn't cut through the load of other information people are working with.

It's challenging to work out what to pay attention to.

And then conflict, debate and tension can escalate, creating problems beyond the initial change program.

We can wonder...

- What else can I be doing differently?

- How do I ensure my responsibilities are well executed and implemented?

- Is how I'm working with change contemporary enough?

- How do I do the best I can... and be a guide and role model for others?

- How do I ensure I contribute successfully to a program of change and that it has a positive and successful impact on the organisation and my career?

Change Tools

In this Masterclass, we'll work through a 10-piece tool kit to

  • ENGAGE during change
  • LEAD change, and
  • IMPACT change.

It may change the way you lead and work with change!


- How do you get people interested in what's changing?

- What works and what doesn't with engagement?

- How do you inpsire and help people see the benefits and possibilities of the transformation?


- What styles of leadership, communication and interaction help make change easier?

- What do we need to do? How do we need to be?

- How does empathy and inclusion apply here?


- What results do you need to achieve?

- How do we ensure new systems and processes of change stick?

- What might be missing from your change plan or strategy?

10 Change Tools

There are plenty of frameworks, methods and processes for leading and managing change. But some of the most clever, creative and impactful tools of change get overlooked and ignored. Not any more!

In this practical masterclass, Lynne Cazaly will lead you through 10 Change Tools you'll be able to put in to practice right away in all of your work regarding change, engagement, communication and leadership.

Throughout the workshop we'll apply the 10 Change Tools to a current program of change you're working on, or a sample/case study if you need it.

This Masterclass has limited/small group numbers for personalised support and attention throughout the process.

Buy your ticket via Eventbrite and you'll receive your login details to access the live session approx. 24 hours prior to the event.

What people say

"I am constantly inspired by Lynne's ability to help other people shift into the best version of themselves, whether by leading from the front of the room as a master facilitator, devising strategies for hacking productivity or by highlighting the contributions of others and teasing out the gold. We are absolutely blessed to have such an incredible force for good in this tribe."

- Col Fink, Thought Leaders Global

"Thanks for your generosity and make it happen attitude to life. This has been exceedingly helpful."

- John Drury

"I love how you make something so potentially 'ugh', so humane, relateable, and doable. Thanks!"

- Cathy Burke

"Lynne's presentations are amazing. There is so much in there. Not a word is wasted."

- Annie Collins

"Ok y'all that was a great talk from Lynne Cazaly with no slides, very animated and interactive working the chat posts - best remote sesh I have been in so far."

- Michelle Playfair

"Awesome session with Lynne Cazaly. So much insight in 1 hour! Thank you for your wisdom and energy!"

- Rowena Millward

"My session with Lynne supported me to join-the-dots between my business activities. Her ability to both visually capture thoughts, mentor and guide with a strategic mindset was both creative and constructive. Clear next-steps with supporting resources have provided the clarity and deliberate action-points needed to take it to the next level. Thank you!!"

- Mary Anne Murphy

"Lynne, I’m am constantly blown away with how on the nose you are with offering what folks need when they need it. So thankful to have met you."

- Emma Prentice

"I was in the Friday workshop with Lynne Cazaly - highly recommend with loads of practical tips, was able to put into action with 2 hrs!"

- Andrew Huffer

"Thank you for the extraordinary session today, I am still on such a high, it was an incredible session so practical and full of ideas, I loved every minute! I am looking forward to booking in future courses with you, your facilitation is simply world class."

- Monique Richardson

"Thank you so much again for today’s session. I learned so much!! It’s the basic tools turned into something clever. It takes the fear out of it."

- Mary Butler

"Thank you so much for the engaging session on Friday. It was so insightful and I am impressed by your ability to run a 90 minute session so smoothly! Kim, Michelle and I really enjoyed it."

- Balsam Al-Dabbagh

"Thankyou very much for your insightful, engaging and generous facilitation today. I've got some important hindsight as a result, some new tools in my pocket, and a stronger commitment to keep improving my communication options and methods.... Thankyou. It's no simple gig to meet the needs of such a diverse set of sectors in one sesson and you did so today with relevance and respect."

- Sal Dennis

"I loved acquiring a bunch of models, techniques, templates, responses - all which are practical and helpful to me. I loved your 'meta' approach to demonstrate the techniques."

- Jeanne Armstrong

"Great insights into mix and match of elements - very powerful to create a wide variety of tools from it."

- Bhakti Chaubey

"Thank you for the great session on Friday. You inspired me so much, that I went home and re-thought how we would approach the extended leadership team offsite yesterday ... we got fantastic feedback from the participants about the increased impact that this had, and how engaging the session was. So thanks again! "

- Adele Keating

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