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Virtual Discovery for Schools (F-2): Let's Be Scientist 4 week unit

Discovery's live lab streamed to your classroom for Free!

Discovery's live lab streamed to your classroom for Free!

About this Event

Every week the Discovery team will run live online workshops where students engage, interact, and do the experiments along with our science communicator. These hands-on, interactive sessions make use of everyday materials, and if your school gets in early, Discovery will ship the necessary materials to you for free!

This program is FREE for rural and regional government primary schools across Victoria thanks to the support of the Department of Education and Training.

Foundation to Grade 2 join us 09:45-10:45 on Wednesdays. Log in from 09:35 to troubleshoot any technical difficulties.

Grade 3 to Grade 6 join the fun 10:00-11:00 on Thursdays

Each session will have up to 6 classes involved, so if you have multiple classes in your school that want to register, we are happy to facilitate that. We encourage children to work in pairs. All workshops are curriculum-aligned so check out our Fuse page for all the curriculum links.

Virtual Curious Kids F-2 Let's be Scientists

Week 1: Everyone is a Scientist

Learning Goal:

To introduce the scientific method in a developmentally appropriate way (Ask a question, have a guess, test) and to identify how we make observations of the world around us (through our senses). We also expand the notion of what a scientist and science is, so that children can identify themselves as a scientist.

Week 2: The Scientific Method

Learning Goal: Practice using the scientific method and observational techniques. Explore the concept of floating and sinking.

Week 3: The Senses

Learning Goal:

Children will identify our five most common senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell). Children will use their senses to make scientific observations.

Week 4: Colours

Learning Goal:

Practice the scientific method and observation through colour investigation

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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