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Financial Literacy for Starting a Business | Online Webinar

Understanding financials is key for small business owners as you need to be the first to know if your business is growing or folding.

Research shows there is a direct link between business success and financial literacy. When small business owners understand their numbers, they make informed, strategic decisions based on factual analysis rather than “gut” instinct.

Being financially literate isn’t just about understanding financial terminology and financial reports. It also includes understanding how to build a budget for your business plus how to manage your business's cashflow.

This workshop will help you to be more financially literate for your business. It will provide you with the ability to understand how money works in your business: how you make it and what you spend it on, and ten tips to help you grow your cashflow. Understanding your numbers will reduce the stress associated with running your business and help you sleep better at night.


This 'Financial Literacy for Starting a Business' session is part of the Australian Government Entrepreneurship Facilitators Program.


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