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NextLEVEL Leadership

This event is held on Zoom, details will be emailed

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// NextLEVEL Leadership is an international leadership development and personal formation program specifically designed to equip and empower people to be effective in their sphere of influence. This program is for people who have a desire to build leadership skills, gain a better understanding of themselves and others, deepen their faith and pursue their area of passion or calling.

// Details

This program consists of 8 modules that are delivered in two blocks:

  • 18th Jan – 22nd Feb (modules 1-4)

  • 15th Mar – 10th May (modules 5-8)

Each session begins at 7pm (AEDT) and goes for 2-hours. The sessions are delivered online via the Zoom platform, and have weekly facilitators, break out rooms, peer-to-peer learning, and more.

// The 8 modules are designed around the following areas:

  • Integrative leadership

  • Cadence

  • Healthy self-care

  • Confidence

  • Connection

  • Communication

  • Transformational change

  • Polarities & systems

// Module Descriptions 

Integrative leadership explores the model of servant leadership, addresses issues of power and authority and guides delegates to explore their values, personal faith and character development journey in order to lead out of Christ-centred integrity.

Cadence is all about 'getting in step' with God, self and others encouraging delegates to explore their personal calling, be challenged in their spiritual journey and better equipped at making space for God in their everyday lives. Cadence is founded on a biblical understanding of community highlighting the importance of dependence on God, independence relating to self and interdependence in community with others.

Healthy self-care draws on learning from 'Maslow's chart of needs' and addresses self-nurture, setting priorities as well as gaining skills in delegation. Teaching on the biblical concept of 'Shalom', this module reinforces the importance of interdependence and building belonging communities.

Confidence explores the personal, theological and global factors and forces that begin at birth and contribute to why many people struggle with low confidence in leadership. This module encourages an understanding of how confidence grows and what undermines it and enables participants to think more objectively about their own confidence. Participants complete a DISC personality profile, explore their personal strengths and passions and are encouraged to practice interdependence with others through mentoring and coaching relationships.

Connection allows participants time for reflection to consider the relationships in their lives and how they might live in healthy interdependent ways. While this module is designed to stand alone it benefits from an understanding of the teachings in Cadence, Confidence, Healthy Leadership and Communication. This module covers topics such as emotional intelligence, building community, giving and receiving feedback and performance-based coaching.

Communication is more complex than we realise and effective communication is critical for leaders. This 8-10 hour module outlines how scripture describes words and communication as powerful and important. It explores models and mindsets to improve leaders’ ability to listen, understand and respond. Participants will be equipped and practiced in skills relating to deep listening, conflict resolution and effective communication. Participants will reflect on the passions and gifts God has placed within them and go on a journey of discovering their ‘true voice’.

Transformational change is messy and unpredictable and requires careful leadership and competent communication. This segment teaches principles around identifying when change is needed, casting vision for a desired future and inspiring action towards transformational change. Participants will learn change leadership principles and be equipped to with tools and skills to initiate a change process, recognise the coping cycle of change and develop strategies to bring people on the journey.

Polarities & systems explores the complex relationships within organisations and between organisations and their community. This module develops understanding in systems thinking, where everything exists in relationship to something else and how every change changes everything. Participants will identify how to achieve positive change through using brainstorming, collaboration and the willingness to explore diverse worldviews.

// Registrations close 15th December. 



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