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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Mangates presents

Data Analysis 3 Days Virtual Live Bootcamp in Hobart

Course Description :

The Data Analysis Boot Camp equips candidates with the knowledge, techniques and models to transform data into usable insights for making business decisions. The course simplifies complex concepts, breaks down math jargon and helps navigate complex symbols and equations. These skills enable candidates to zoom in on the most useful data and apply it in the real world. It also provides practical techniques for presenting findings to quickly make decisions that drive organizations forward. These tools include graphic presentation techniques and simplified models to transform the results of data analysis into digestible, easy-to-understand insights and usable recommendations.

Course Outline :

Data Fundamentals

Course Overview and Level Set

Understanding Real-world Data

Types of Data

LAB: Hands-on – Profiling Data

Data-related Risk

Data Quality

LAB: Hands-on – Dealing with Duplicates


LAB: Hands-On – Data Relationships using PowerPivot

Analysis Foundations

Statistical Practices: Overview

Domains of Data Analysis

Analyzing Data

Statistical Practices: Overview

Averages in Data

Central Tendency

LAB: Hands-On – Central Tendency

LAB: Hands-On – Linear Regression



LAB: Hands-On – Distributions in Consumer Finance Data

Analytical Graphics for Data

Analytics &Modeling

ROI & Financial Decisions

LAB: Hands-On – Helpful Financial Metrics in Excel

Using Financial Data

Random Numbers

Demo / Lab – Monte Carlo Analysis in Excel

Predictive Analytics

Demo / Lab – Using R for Powerful Analysis


Data Modeling

Data Warehousing

Visualizing & Presenting Data

Goals of Visualization

Visualization Essentials

Demo / Lab – Improving a Difficult Report

Communicating Data-Driven Knowledge

Target Audience :

Anyone involved in operations, project management, business analysis, or management would benefit from this course. This training is invaluable for:

Business Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, CBAP, CCBA

Systems, Operations Research, Marketing, and other Analysts

Project Managers, Program Managers, Team Leaders, PMP, CAPM

Data Modelers and Administrators, DBAs

IT Managers, Directors, VPs

Finance Managers, Directors, VPs

Operations Supervisors, Managers, Directors, VPs

Risk Managers, Operations Risk Professionals

Process Improvement, Audit or Internal Consultants and Staff

Executives exploring cost reduction and process improvement options

Professionals who want to show dedication to process improvement

Senior staff who make or recommend decisions to executives

Learning Objectives :

Identify opportunities, manage change and develop deep visibility into the organization

Understand analytics, business intelligence and statistics terminology

Practical applications of data analysis across business

Data visualization and effective presentation of data analysis results

Create more accurate projections while accounting for variance, error, and confidence intervals

Using the array of data plots and chart formats to analyse underlying data trends and patterns through practical exercises

Differentiating data signal from data noise - separating critical from extraneous data

Understand and leverage different distribution models, and the real world applications

In-depth practical statistics knowledge, and how it relates to risk, probability, results and action

Develop a robust, practical understanding of probability theory - and how to leverage it

Form and test hypotheses - using multiple methods to define and interpret projections

Statistical inference and interpretation of population wide conclusions

Substantial set of practical modeling skills

Using computation to mine data, run simulations, find data clusters and critical attributes

Application of data for practical use: Reporting, Dashboards, Metrics, Quality, Financial Modeling and more

Hands-on predictive analytics knowledge including key terminology and algorithms

Forecasting future results, finding opportunities for process improvement, and analyzing past performance

Real-world labs using data analysis tools as per the course syllabus

Applicability of data analysis skills and methods to candidates' own scenarios with a data expert instructor over the three days

Course Agenda :

Day 1

Data Fundamentals

Analysis Foundations

Day 2

Analyzing Data

Analytics and Modeling

Day 3

Visualizing and Presenting Data

Category Business