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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Remote Leadership Masterclass

Even before the coronavirus forced us to start working remotely many organisations were moving to distributed workforces.

Even before the coronavirus forced us to start working remotely many organisations were moving to distributed workforces.

About this Event

The Covid-19 crisis has thrust remote leadership firmly into the spotlight as one of the most important issues in human leadership today. Even prior to the phenomenon of millions of staff being sent to work remotely in response to the pandemic many organisations were trending towards higher proportions of remote employees.

This is likely to be a key issue for the foreseeable future as many organisations have resolved to have higher levels of off-site staff and therefore need to manage them in such a way that their productivity and well being is optimised – this is part of the "new normal".

SACS has undertaken a worldwide review of the latest research into this important and fascinating topic. In this highly interactive online one day workshop we will address important questions such as:

Is working remotely good for people?

  • Are people as productive when they work remotely?
  • What type of people are best suited to working remotely?
  • How is leading people remotely different from leading them face to face?
  • What are key leadership skills and behaviours for effectively leading a remote workforce?
  • How to maintain high levels of productivity and engagement in a remote workforce?
  • How to effectively induct employees to remote working?

About SACS Full-day Masterclasses:

Join us for a highly interactive online training session. The video conferencing solution we have available will give you the ability to attend the workshop from your home or office using a laptop or mobile device. We use Zoom for this purpose which has great options for presentation, screen sharing and breakout rooms, so the full interactive experience will be available for all participants.

The SACS Masterclasses are constructed to provide you with hands-on learning, practical guidance and proven action steps you can implement right away at your organisation.

During the course of the day, we'll dig into the latest research in this rapidly developing area of remote work and you will come away with a range of practical suggestions to apply these research findings to your business.

Who Should Attend:

Line managers interested or involved in the topic of remote leadership or human resources professionals developing strategies on the issue.

About the Masterclass Instructor:

Andrew Marty is one of Australia's best-known workplace psychologists. An active researcher in his own right he has many publications in peer reviewed journals generated through SACS' research partnership with Deakin University and others. Andrew's content is always evidence-based and he is known to be a highly engaging and effective communicator, bridging the gap between research and practice.

Date: Tuesday 13th October

Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Venue: Zoom

Cost: $385 plus GST.

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