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VIC Suicide Risk Continuum Training

Suicide Risk Continuum Training focuses on identification, support and responding to self-harm and suicidal behaviour for Secondary Schools.

Suicide Risk Continuum Training focuses on identification, support and responding to self-harm and suicidal behaviour for Secondary Schools.

About this Event

Due to COVID19, Suicide Risk Continuum Training (SRCT), traditionally delivered face to face over 1 full day, has been adapted to a webinar format for Victorian Department of Education and Training Secondary Schools only. When registering, you are expected to be available and present for the entirety of the training as if attending a face to face training. This webinar is interactive, with group discussions as well as individual and group activities, please ensure you are present and uninterrupted during the training to participate fully.

Suicide Risk Continuum Training (SRCT) participants will;

• Explore a common language and understanding around features of risk and protection in Secondary school students.

• Assist wellbeing staff members to assess the situational risk and what might be required to support the student.

• Support school staff to develop a framework around identifying vulnerabilities, and the school’s role in assisting to manage risk in Secondary school students.

• Support wellbeing staff to work within their scope and boundaries.

• Provide a shared understanding about how to engage with and refer to external services, should the need arise.

• Identify and support emergent of risk in Secondary school students and encourage mental health literacy.

Suicide Risk Continuum Training (SRCT) is a specialised package for Secondary school staff with a targeted focus on identification, support and responding to self-harm and suicidal behaviour amongst students. Utilising the ‘NIP it in the bud ‘approach, this training will assist you to:

• Understand mental health and mental health difficulties in Secondary students.

• Understand risk and how to respond to risk situations to support the student.

• Understand self-harm and suicidal ideation in Secondary students.

• Plan a response to risk and engage with and refer to external services to ensure continuity of care for the student.

This training will provide opportunities to work through case studies and activities to apply your existing experience and knowledge combined with the training materials.

Who can attend this training?

This training is only for staff within the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training (DET). This training is aimed at Secondary school staff that work in roles such as:

• Principals/Assistant Principals

• Student Wellbeing Teams and Coordinators

• Leading Teachers

• Year Level Coordinators

• School Nurses (may attend as school-based staff)

• Student Support Services (may attend as school-based staff)

• School Counsellors

Please note that this training is focussing on understanding risk in context of school settings and support working within pre-existing Victorian Government Department of Education and Training (DET) policies and procedures.

On the day:

For participants to fully engage in this training a working microphone and camera are essential. Please ensure you test your equipment before the training. Those who do not have a working camera or microphone will not be able to participate in the training.

Please log on 15 minutes prior to the workshop for technical support, training will commence at advertised start time.

Please ensure you arrive before the start time as the room will be locked after 5 minutes advertised start time.

Due to the nature of this training, participants need to ensure that the space is private enough so as not to be overheard by others as conversations about self harm and suicide may occur.

Feel free to bring in coffee, tea and/or snacks to the training. Short breaks and a longer lunch break will be provided during the training.

Prior to the day:

We will send you a training reminder, information on how to access the webinar (no download will be required) and resources for the training closer to the date. Please ensure you access these prior to the training.

For further information about using SAFEMinds within your school, please get in touch with your regional Department of Education and Training - Professional Practice Leaders.

Need to cancel? Please text Nikki as soon as possible, please provide your full name, school, and date of training.

Nikki Gibilisco

Education and Training Consultant

0458 139 522

We look forward to seeing you there.


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