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WIFVC MARAM Collaborative Practice online session - 23 & 24 February 2021

MARAM Collaborative Practice Module Training - Online session

MARAM Collaborative Practice Module Training - Online session

About this Event

Note: Participants must commit to attending the two consecutive sessions to complete this training Module.

About this Training

The Western Integrated Family Violence Committee (WIFVC) invites interested members to register for the trial session for online delivery of the MARAM Collaborative Practice Training.

The WIFVC has received funding from the Department of Health and Human Services for the 2020/21 financial year to deliver MARAM Collaborative Practice Module training across Western Melbourne and Brimbank/Melton regions. In light of COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently trialling the delivery of this training online. Those willing to participate in this session will be helping inform WIFVC's delivery of online training sessions going forward.

Dates: The training will run across two consecutive days. It is a requirement that you attend both sessions. Be sure to book only when you know you can make it to the whole training.

Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm

Cost: Free

Places are limited.

Queries: Click to view FAQ's about this training or contact for further information.


The training is available to all professionals who respond to family violence in the Western Region. Whilst relevant to professionals from prescribed and non-prescribed organisations, given the availability of other MARAM training at the time of its release, the training is best suited to professionals from Tiers 2,3 and 4 of the Victorian Government Responding to Family Violence Capability Framework (2017).

This training is designed for practitioners, but is also useful for team leaders and managers who are responsible for embedding MARAM within organisations and through external partnerships. Organisations should be guided by Family Safety Victoria resources in determining the relevant roles, responsibilities and training requirements of their staff.


This important training will focus on both collaborative practice and foundational aspects of Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM), that enable collaboration for professionals responding to family violence across the western metropolitan region.

The training session will explore how to contribute to risk assessment and collaborate for ongoing risk management through respectful and sensitive engagement with victim survivors, information sharing, referral and secondary consultation.

The MARAM Collaborative Practice Module forms an integral component of the MARAM suite of training for professionals responding to family violence.


Participants who attend the training will be able to:

• Describe the MARAM Framework including responsibilities that drive collaborative practice across the service system;

• Apply the four elements of structured professional judgement to their practice;

• Outline how information sharing can enhance collaborative practice;

• Outline their responsibilities under the MARAM and information sharing reforms ;

• Describe what collaborative practice is and differentiate between practice, organisational and system enablers;

• Apply intersectionality to enhance practice by examining personal privileges and oppressions;

• Explain how to use collaborative practice to maintain perpetrator visibility;

• Apply knowledge of evidence based risk factors;

• Plan strategies to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all victim survivors including children;

• Develop a collaborative risk management plan ;

• Implement effective processes for secondary consultation and referral within the local service system.


In attending this training, it is expected that you will :

* Read the Family Violence Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework: Foundation Knowledge

* Watch ‘Helping end family violence – the Information Sharing Schemes and MARAM’ film (3.57 mins) and 'Let's change the story' - violence against women in Australia (4.26 mins)

Other important resources:

* This training looks at the use of Information Sharing Schemes as an enabler of collaborative practice. You will get the most out of this session if you are familiar with the Information Sharing on-line training modules which can be found here.

Click here for further MARAM resources.

The WIFVC will add your contact details to the WIFVC mailing list to provide you with monthly WIFVC eNews and information about upcoming professional development opportunities. If you would prefer not to receive this information, please let us know at


Please contact Julie Noonan, WIFVC Project Support Worker at if you have any questions or require further information about this training.

Please visit our website at for pre-requisite training reading and further resources.

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